About the Journal

The Brazilian Journal of Forensic Sciences - BJFS, linked to the Instituto Paulista de Estudos Bioéticos e Jurídicos - IPEBJ, in the city of Ribeirão Preto, São Paulo, is an electronic journal and a nonprofit organization that publishes Original Articles, Brief Communications, Case Reports, Editorial, Reviews and Technical Notes related to the field of Forensic Sciences, Medical Law and Bioethics.

The term forensics is used to identify a growing specialty with concepts and methods based on cell, anatomical, biochemical, physical, technological, ethical and legal knowledge, on the grounds of scientific evidence admissible in court.

The goal of the BJFS is to spread and enhance the scientific literature in forensic science, exposing the new technologies and methodologies used in various situations, encouraging multidisciplinary and multiprofessional interaction in the field of Forensic Sciences.

The Brazilian Journal of Forensic Sciences is a journal, with a quarterly publication, that covers all aspects of forensic science and is committed to ethical behavior, employing renowned professionals to ensure that no false or misleading opinion is published. However, content, originality and correct citation of sources are the responsibility of the authors.